Seasonal Renewal

What is Seasonal Renewal?


Each season brings it’s own magic and medicine. In Spring, we experience new beginnings and rebirth of the Earth coming alive again after the Winter. In the depths of Winter, it is a time to go inward, be reflective, craft, share stories, renew our spirits, and sip on homemade warmth in a cup!


Do you ever feel stuck, burnt out, or creatively blocked? Whatever the season or reason, it is always a good time to come together for inspiration and recharging. Seasonal renewal workshops provide a safe, playful, nurturing, and engaging atmosphere for you bring your visions into focus and get your creative juices flowing!


Naturally, workshops will vary by season. Each will include several of these elements: herbal empowerment, felting, reflective writing/journaling, natural dyeing, plant medicine, painting, crafting, sculpting, toning, singing bowls, deep listening, movement/dance, and sacred ceremony.

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