I can't wait to see you connect
with the magic and wisdom of your own creativity!



How I Can Help

I help my clients access their intuitive creativity through developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their connection to the natural world. As your Creativity Coach, I will hold space for you to talk things through and guide you through a variety of transformative practices that may include experiences in writing, painting, sculpting, dance, movement, ritual, the natural world, freeing your voice, and sound healing. One on one sessions are completely individualized for each client's needs and allurement. Group sessions are also available. We will celebrate and make space for all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your soul again!


This is for you if you are an artist or creative

who needs to find your spark again!


This is also for you if you don't believe

you are an artist or a creative!

This is for you if you are somewhere in between

or just want to have fun connecting

with your true self again in a safe space!

This is the invitation

you have been waiting for

to begin on a long overdue


Creative Journey!


The main way I’ve grown my business is through recommendations, and it thrills me to know that so many clients are satisfied with my services. Read some of the testimonials and reviews below, and get in touch if you’d like to submit your own.

Her senses are alive and well and true!!!!  She expresses herself beautifully, with thoughtfulness and care. No judgment found in her words!!!!! Dena is generous and authentic!!!

Lisa Williams, Artist